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The Wedding Polaroid

Come on everyone, let’s be honest, we all love a good wedding. From watching the awkward uncle throw down some shocking dance moves while the fat cousin chows down on the fondue, which always looks suspiciously like someone has liberated their stomach lining into it.

At the majority of weddings there’s some bloke who’s been paid an absolute fortune to drag along his Canon 550d to take the best posed shots you’ve ever seen. He’s also got to take some photos that aren’t meant to look posed but they are posed, but not meant to look posed, without seeming like they’re not posing by posing in a way you aren’t posing. Yeh…
So anyway. I spotted the Impossible Project (who I’ve written about before) tweet this absolute delight out. It’s from a couple’s wedding and they took a lot of shots on polaroids and, well, it just makes it look ten times better. I’ll let you decide but I think it looks f*cking awesome.

The Wedding Polaroid

Take a look at it here.