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Olympic Gymnast vs London train commuter

Olympic Gymnast vs London train commuter

All bets are open for this one and it’s a tight call. Who’s going to edge it as the hottest competition known to man is going to kick off!

Ok, so maybe a bit of context might help. As many of you know I’m a regular commuter to London and like to post delightful tweets about the ‘interesting’ and unintelligent characters that I happen upon each and every day within the tight confines of my regular train. During the time I spend tweeting, thinking and judging, I like to people watch. Don’t judge me for it, we all do it and we all enjoy it but sometimes it’s leads me to think about ridiculous ideas that might be worth a try. This article for instance is an idea that came to me when I was watching someone read the paper. I didn’t watch them for long, I just noticed that they were holding the paper with two hands as the train carriage violently shook around like a bar fight in a wine glass (I don’t know where that came from!).

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