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Good Morning 2012

Well, another year has passed and another year is upon us. As I’m sitting here on my packed commuter train home wondering what’s in store this year. After paying a ridiculous amount of money (extra money at that) on a train ticket I’m told ‘don’t worry, your money is going to these places’. Those places being rail repairs, station repairs, staffing, energy. Things that I don’t see, won’t see and, in the case of staffing, doesn’t change a thing. No doubt there will be numerous delayed train due to staff shortages, a delightful result of me paying more money… hang on, that’s no right. But aside from rising train prices, what else is in store for 2012? God knows the Mayans have predicted death every single year but it seems that 2012 is a very important year for death, as is my understanding. I wonder if we’ll all die? Does it really matter? But I digress…

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