The French are interested by me…

Un Francais a Londres

I know it’s been a while since I last posted but people get busy y’know. Anyway, it turns out that French people find me slightly too English, which in turn makes me interesting. I don’t know why they find me interesting but there’s a quick interview on my ol’ Frenchman friend’s blog.

He asks the important questions in life like “How old is the Queen?”, “Why do you eat crisps every lunch break?”. You know, the important things. So if you’re bored and want to read my delightfully English answers to a Frenchman then head on over. Also, if you want to read what it’s like being French and in London then you’re bout to go to the right place. I’m sure it’s all about the lack of pate and the strange unavailability of baguettes at 4am.

My interview on Un Français à Londres


Calrisian @ Haunt – 18/08/11

A few photos from the Calrisian gig at the Haunt on Thursday 18th August 2011.

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Footballer’s black armband – worthwhile or useless?

Footballer's black armband - worthwhile or useless?Sportsmen and women all over the world hold a lot of influence over the general public. As these people are in the public eye quite a lot the time, the things they do will impact on the spectators that watch them but sometimes is there a reason?

The reason I bring this up is because, in England at least, we see a lot of football teams going out to play a match with a black armband on as a sign of respect. I get that, that’s fine. I’m in no way saying that using this as a sign of respect is pointless as it creates awareness for a cause, like I said. However, are they doing it too much that it loses all impact? For example, I watched Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Fulham the other day and the Wolves players were wearing armbands. I didn’t hear one word talk about the reasoning behind it by the commentators or anyone that was interviewed so why did they do it?
Forgive me if it’s for something local and I’m being ignorant towards it but after seeing the armband, it’s made me think about the amount of times we see it in football. It seems that there’s a team wearing the armband each and every week. It appears so routine for footballers these days that we as fans are used to it, thus in effect negating any sort of influence it has surely.

I’m all for promoting a charity or wearing armbands for someone that was close to the team, things like that. But if it isn’t mentioned or spoken about then the reason for wearing it has been lost.

What do you reckon?

Skateboarding Sunglasses

Skateboarding Sunglasses

Everyone around the world (the majority anyway) are telling us to recycle what we use. Use your plastic for something else, make sure that paper doesn’t go in the bin and that’s great but what do you do with other stuff that you don’t even think about recycling – Skateboards.

There are plenty of things that people have made from skateboards e.g. Benches. That’s not something you see everyday but did you ever think that they would make sunglasses from old decks? The guys at Vuerich B have got their old skateboards in one place and decided the only way forward is to create sunglasses.

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The London Riots – A ‘cutting’ story

The London Riots - A 'cutting' story

The riots in the UK have been in the news all over the world this week and not a day goes by when you hear a new story about someone losing everything. They’re all pretty sad stories and I hope them all the best of luck in trying to regain whatever they have left or with starting over. It’s a hard process but I’m sure that they’ll be ok.

I’m not here to talk about the wrongs and rights of the riots or what the police were doing (or not doing) at the time but I thought I’d post up this video. Aaron Biber is an 89 year old man with what used to be a barber shop. He’s lived in the Tottenham area for 41 years and is shocked by the damage done to the neighbourhood and his business. Read the rest of this entry

Bye, bye Facebook

Could the end officially be nigh? Are we going to get overrun by thousand of people in sandwich boards telling us the end is nigh but with a ‘Like’ button on it? Maybe I should explain a little…

Facebook is a ridiculously large part of people’s lives, society and everything in between these days. Users are uploading every photo they’ve ever taken along with every memory they’ve ever had while telling their ‘friends’ what they ate for dinner last night. The pointless information we share on Facebook is getting a bit out of hand but that’s not the point. We all know about how much Facebook changes and there’s always a lot of talk about the privacy issues that we know/don’t know about. The majority of users aren’t best pleased about the new privacy rules and are a bit fed up of having to change their settings every other week but what happens when a large hacking group start to get pissed off too? Read the rest of this entry

Deaf Music

Ed Sheeran - Sign Laguage music

Ed Sheeran has been a big name in music over the last couple of months with his song A-Team but I think his new song might make more of an impact. It’s not the song that does it though, it’s the video.

Without being too obvious and treating you like morons, deaf people generally can’t hear things so this video brings music to them as well. Pushing away all the other ideas of a band thrashing around or Coldplay slowly miming along to something depressing, Ed Sheeran has got a video of someone performing sign language to his song. Read the rest of this entry

Dirty, dirty Skittles…

Sexy SkittlesThat’s right. I’m making another post about a video but this time I’m actually going to put some words to it!

Here’s the deal. Is advertising becoming a but too risqué for the hell of it. Some companies use the tongue in cheek method whereas some companies go all out for the use of sexuality to promote their product but where do you draw the line?

I think that Skittles have to be one of the best companies out there right now in terms of creating good advertising and good viral advertising. They’re always a popular watch and this latest advert is easily going to get a few hits! But is this new advert the work of Skittles themselves? Read the rest of this entry

The 90th Birthday

The 90th birthday of any person is always an event to be taken notice of but when it’s someone in your family it’s an even bigger deal.

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Professionals for a reason

European PGA trick shotsProfessional sports people are called professional for a reason – they’re damn good at what they do. I stumbled across these videos on YouTube recently of some European PGA players playing some interesting golf. Not only could the clay pigeon shooting take over the Olympic version but the other video could be a new way to start off any competition!
It’s like a new version of trick shots! Trying to hit a small gong 200 yards out or hitting a clay pigeon is definitely a different way to play the sport but it’s entertaining to say the least! Read the rest of this entry