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Textsfrombennett Very rarely do you find a website that is entertaining. When I say entertaining, I mean actually entertaining. One that makes you laugh and one that you’d go back and check. A lot of websites don’t fall under this title and there will be thousands that don’t fall under it. This website however, not mine – the one that I’m talking about – is one that falls under that category. For me anyway.

Ok, so I might not check back every week to see what’s going on but it definitely entertained me for a little while! TextsFromBennett is a Tumblr site about a guy’s cousin who thinks he’s a complete crip. In a distinctively middle-class way, I think that he means he’s quite street and ‘gangsta’. Jury is still out but if the urban dictionary is anything to go by then this kid definitely believes he’s street. If you’re someone who doesn’t like text speak then this might make you tear your eyes out and question whether a God can really exist if this is all possible. Yes, it’s a warning, these texts are horribly misspelt.

Enjoy though!


Drinkify.orgIf we’re going to stereotype the world then us Brits must be known to the rest of the world, and I’ve heard this info from my French pal, as binge drinking, crazy people. Yes, the days of our stereotype having bad teeth and saying ‘pip pip’ before and after every sentence have gone. So what shall we do to embrace our new found (ish) culture? Well, why not dive head first into this new website?!

It’s not a new social site where you get to share drinks recipes, tag each other in police mug shots and the like but a website that’s kind of linked to Spotify. All you have to do is type in who or what you’re listening to and it’ll give you the appropriate drink to consumer while listening. It’s just that simple!

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Dear Photograph

Some people say that they don’t like their boss but mine send me links to amazing websites like this.

Dear Photograph

This site is incredible. It’s everything I like about photos and more. I am a huge fan of old photographs, especially when they’re not yours, and there’s nothing to hate about this website. The idea is that people go back to a place where the original photo was taken and then take a photo of themselves holding the old photo in the place where it was shot. That’s a ridiculous explanation but hopefully the screen shot of the website will explain it a little better.

Dear Photograph

If you’ve got a old photo and know exactly where it was taken then I urge you to get involved on this site. It’s already making me want to add to my collection of old, random slides. Maybe I should put them on here…….

The Impossible Project – the new Polaroid film

The Impossible Project

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a bit of a crush on Polaroids. They’re the best type of photographs out there because every single shot tells a story no matter how dull or exciting. When Polaroid announced they were stopping production on their film it was a pretty sad day for everyone that has ever taken a photo but luckily there’s people out there that don’t believe the legacy should be forgotten so easily.
Take a look at The Impossible Project. They’re making film for your Polaroid camera and having exhibitions all over the world as well.
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The Rapture – May 21st 2011?

There’s people that believe this could actually happen. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m not one of those people but that doesn’t mean there’s not thousands of people out there that believe it will actually happen! But what about their pets!?
Yes, what about their pets? That ridiculous question is on everyone’s lips because what is the answer to something so outrageous?!

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The internet – an A.D.D. advocate

Donald Glover's site

Building a website is a pretty new process for me and when this requires you to be on the internet the whole time, you need to make sure that you don’t get sucked in by the one thing that uses people with A.D.D. as oxygen.

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