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Ski Safety Tips

An article written a while ago for Ski Independence about how to stay safe on the slopes. It’s exactly what it’s meant to be, so read it and make sure you take the tips on your next trip.

Ski Indepence - Ski Safety Tips


A brief history of skiing…

Back in October last year I wrote an article for Mount Vacation. It was all about the history of skiing, which I have to admit, was actually pretty interesting. Everyone is pretty familiar with the Winter Olympic skiing and the freestyle skiing at the Winter X Games so it was great to find out some info from 1921 about the first slalom race but there was also info about the first skis ever made dating back to 6300-5000 BC!

A brief history of skiing

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Save money on snowboarding

Another article that was written but this time for It was an info article on how to save money on your next snowboard trip. Some of them good and legal, others – not so much!

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A scared Shaun White

Written for this article was about Shaun White being driven around in a NASCAR proving that even some of the most extreme athletes out there have a breaking point!

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