Good Morning 2012

Well, another year has passed and another year is upon us. As I’m sitting here on my packed commuter train home wondering what’s in store this year. After paying a ridiculous amount of money (extra money at that) on a train ticket I’m told ‘don’t worry, your money is going to these places’. Those places being rail repairs, station repairs, staffing, energy. Things that I don’t see, won’t see and, in the case of staffing, doesn’t change a thing. No doubt there will be numerous delayed train due to staff shortages, a delightful result of me paying more money… hang on, that’s no right. But aside from rising train prices, what else is in store for 2012? God knows the Mayans have predicted death every single year but it seems that 2012 is a very important year for death, as is my understanding. I wonder if we’ll all die? Does it really matter? But I digress…

We’ve already got ourselves off to a delightful start to the year. It’s pissed it down for most of 2012 already and with the summer we had last year I’m betting that this year isn’t much better. My fingers are crossed that we get more than one day of sunlight but you never know whether it’ll happen or not.
Ahh the Olympics. Yes, Britain has goon mad with the Olympics. It’s 2012, it’s Britain’s year, that’s all I read but honestly,can we deal with it? Ask the thousands of Londoners if they think that the capital is ready for it. I would guess that the majority would say no. London’s transport is never decent and with the extra billion people heading to watch the proceedings (yes, billions is exaggerated, don’t be the guy that moans about it), are we going to be able to cope?
I hope that it’s a successful year but going by how much trouble we have normally, it’s going to be touch and go.

What else…?
The Eurozone. Ahh the Euro. You pretty much got fucked last year so who’s to say you won’t get completely ruined this year? God knows that David Cameron has decided not to do anything which leaves it in the hands of the smallest man in power (Nicolas Sarkozy) and his German counterpart (Angela Merkel). They haven’t done such a good job recently so it’s a waiting game to see if Italy and Spain follow in the footsteps of Greece.

I guess that’s most of it. The other points I haven’t picked on are to do with what known terrorist/country leader/average joe will be killed this year? Which government will fall? Who will America piss off? What’s going to happen with Iran? There’s too much to talk about but I guess I’ll focus on the stuff that affects me the most because, well, I’m the one typing it. Feel free to ask what my opinion is on other things and I’m sure I’ll find something negative to tell you.

Thanks 2012, you’ve got me wet, delayed my train, reminded me I don’t have enough money for things but who cares eh? It’s a new year. Let’s see what you’ve got in store!


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  1. Nice one, I laughed a bit. But you’re pretty negative dude, stop moaning it’s only january 3rd! Wait until the end of the month at least…
    -Sarkozy aka the smallest man in power-

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