Textsfrombennett Very rarely do you find a website that is entertaining. When I say entertaining, I mean actually entertaining. One that makes you laugh and one that you’d go back and check. A lot of websites don’t fall under this title and there will be thousands that don’t fall under it. This website however, not mine – the one that I’m talking about – is one that falls under that category. For me anyway.

Ok, so I might not check back every week to see what’s going on but it definitely entertained me for a little while! TextsFromBennett is a Tumblr site about a guy’s cousin who thinks he’s a complete crip. In a distinctively middle-class way, I think that he means he’s quite street and ‘gangsta’. Jury is still out but if the urban dictionary is anything to go by then this kid definitely believes he’s street. If you’re someone who doesn’t like text speak then this might make you tear your eyes out and question whether a God can really exist if this is all possible. Yes, it’s a warning, these texts are horribly misspelt.

Enjoy though!


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