Olympic Gymnast vs London train commuter

Olympic Gymnast vs London train commuter

All bets are open for this one and it’s a tight call. Who’s going to edge it as the hottest competition known to man is going to kick off!

Ok, so maybe a bit of context might help. As many of you know I’m a regular commuter to London and like to post delightful tweets about the ‘interesting’ and unintelligent characters that I happen upon each and every day within the tight confines of my regular train. During the time I spend tweeting, thinking and judging, I like to people watch. Don’t judge me for it, we all do it and we all enjoy it but sometimes it’s leads me to think about ridiculous ideas that might be worth a try. This article for instance is an idea that came to me when I was watching someone read the paper. I didn’t watch them for long, I just noticed that they were holding the paper with two hands as the train carriage violently shook around like a bar fight in a wine glass (I don’t know where that came from!).

As cats are renowned for having incredible balance, you would assume that an Olympic gymnast would be light years ahead of a commuter. Not so. One may be skilled on the balance beam but the other is well schooled in the art of standing in the middle of a carriage, reading the paper, not holding onto anything while making sure you don’t invade anyone’s personal space. This is one hell of a hard trick to master as I have tried and failed to do on many an occasion. As the train continues to rock back and forth as if we’re auditioning the carriage for a bit part in Perfect Storm I realise I’m just rabbiting on about a point that no-one really gives a shit about. It’s little things like this that get you through your commute, besides, imagine an Olympic event where you have the balance beam, floor gymnastics (or whatever it’s called) and the train balance event. It would revolutionise the way we look at Olympic sports and there’s sure to be no shortage of amateur athletes.

Yes, I know it’s utter drivel but what do you want from me?


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  1. I caught site of the title of this on Facebook on my phone. In a rare event, I took the train this morning and found myself thinking about it for the whole ride (which admittedly was about four minutes, but still). I was kinda hoping you actually had the answer, but even so, you still make a bloody good point. Find yourself a willing Olympic gymnast and London commuter and report back, please. I want answers!

  2. I just caught SIGHT of my horrific typo. I am ashamed. Clearly $12,000 and three years of harrowing Master’s study has taught me nothing. Fail.

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